Essilor, the leader in ophthalmic optics, is always looking to improve the vision of eyeglasses wearers.

One common problem that affects eyeglasses wearers is fog, which can cloud one’s vision and provide a frustrating hindrance – an unwanted and uncontrollable "blindfold" that can appear unexpectedly and interfere with one’s daily life.

To find a solution to this issue, Essilor has developed Optifog, a breakthrough lens with an exclusive anti-fog property which is the result of intensive Essilor Research & Development work.

The highly technological Optifog System will provide you with the optimum anti-fog performance 

• Just wipe your Optifog lenses with the Optifog Smart Textile to ACTIVATE the revolutionary anti-fog properties.

• You can also use the Optifog Smart Textile every day to CARE FOR your Optifog lenses.



The result:  Truly long lasting fog free vision 

The many tiny water droplets caused by fog perfectly spread on the lens surface, creating a uniform film of water, invisible to the wearer. 

Optifog can work for anyone experiencing problems with fog on their eyeglasses, and is suitable for eyeglasses that correct all types of vision problems. Please ask your eyecare professional.